100-b1 Magical journey book

Title: 100-b1 Magical journey book
Created: Nov 2018
Item #: 100-1b book
Original Size: 5 x 9 inches
Original Price: $21.99
100-279 Sandhill crane production web.jpg
100-279 Sandhill crane production web.jpg
Magical Journey of Bob Crane
by Karen Nicksish
illustrated by Pam Sharp

Hard Cover
signed by author and illustrator

The Magical Journey of Bob Crane is a story about the annual migration of Sandhill Cranes that fly through WA. in early March. Bob, the main character is one of six thousand cranes that stop for three days to rest in Othello, WA. The residents in the small city of Othello hold an annual crane festival each year to celebrate the arrival of the cranes. Bob is a member of the B.B.A better known as the Best Bird Academy. His mission is to entertain the visitors coming to Othello and find a way to thank the birds that live in the wetland for sharing their habitat. Each night before Bob falls asleep, he looks up to a wishing star and asks how he can make a difference in the lives of all birds. After dinner, Bob falls asleep. Barry, a fairy wren pays a visit and wakes Bob up. The little bird tells Bob he is his fairy god-bird and grants him three wishes. Bob comes up with an idea that will help all the birds living in the wetland